nyc pick up in person  

  • email me at [email protected] to set up a time you want to pick up.
  • use the subject line "PICK UP REQUEST" and the number of your order.
  • in the body include the time you want to meet up and include additional times you are free so we can figure something out 
  • pick up location will be sent through email
  • it might be me, it might be my boyfriend, it might be both


  • items usually take 1-2 weeks to ship, i'm doing this on my own please be patient
  • the address on the package is a p.o. box, do NOT send anything back or any other stuff because I do not live there and I won't be able to access anything sent there
  • i've chosen the most affordable shipping prices with no additional fees, but if you still have questions, use the contact form.
  • if you ordered the ROLLED POSTER and other items, you have the choice to select the option for you to receive all your other items in the poster tube with the poster. this will save you money on shipping and this trust based system is the only way i can make it happen through bigcartel. do not select this option if you did not buy a rolled poster or i will have to refund you and cancel the order, no exceptions.


  • no returns/refunds
  • if the package never arrived, or is damaged, there's nothing i can really do about that.
  • i pack everything as securely as i can, any fault of the delivery system isn't mine.
  • if you are in the area i can try and give you something for your troubles?


all merch designed by me (and so was this background)